"Everyone should feel included"....Keevo

Keevan "Keevo" Lewis, from San Fernando, Trinidad, has always had a flair for entertaining, fostering his love for the arts from a young age. Facing bullying, he turned to comedy as a defense, finding solace and strength in humor. This period spurred his creative pursuits in poetry and comedic writing, inspired by notable spoken word artists and comedians. Keevo's guiding principle, "No one should ever feel lonely," fueled his comedy career, leading to the creation of relatable, inclusive content themed around Trinidadian, Caribbean, and Carnival culture. His mantra, “YEA... ME TOO!”, resonates deeply with audiences. Keevo's inclusive vision extends to his apparel line, designed to unite and connect people, reflecting his commitment to shared experiences and community.

"Unity in Humor: Wear It, Live It, Share It" ....Keevo

Keevo's Certified Merch


What is the inspiration for the brand?

Keevomerch: Uniting Vibrancy and Culture in Every Thread. Based in Trinidad and Tobago, our clothing line captures the island's pulsating spirit and rich cultural mosaic. We weave the diverse traditions, vivid colors, and dynamic rhythms of the Caribbean into the very fabric of our brand.

Who is Keevomerch for?

KeevoMerch is for people that believe in representing their country, culture and personal mantras through fashion.

Where can I find more Keevo Content?

Keevo creates content on a daily if not weekly basis. You can find him on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.

His handle is @KeevoTV