"Find joy in every moment; it's the secret melody of life's greatest symphony."....Ro'dey

Rodell "Ro'dey" Cumberbatch, a multifaceted entertainer from Trinidad and Tobago, gained fame with his comedic sketches on social media since 2015. He co-hosts the popular radio show "The Breakfast Party" on 96.1 WEFM. Ro'dey excels in creating relatable characters drawn from his life experiences, showcasing over twenty in his repertoire. He's the CEO of Blu Moon Productions, directing films and music videos, and has expanded into theater and television with productions like "The Ridiculous 6 1/2" and "The Ro'dey Show". Recognized for his unique comedic style, Ro'dey aspires to bring Trinidadian comedy to a global audience.

"Whey Fadda" - Wettty

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